Coated Films

As a part of the forward integration of BOPP and PET Films, JPFL installed one coating lines for manufacturing of entire range of specialty coated films like PVdC, Acrylic, Low Temperature Seal and High Seal Integrity coatings. The main features of our Coated Films are :

  • Solvent Free coatings
  • Excellent Optics
  • Good Barrier - Moisture, Oxygen, Aroma, Gases
  • Good Printability
  • Heat Sealable
  • Good Machinability
  • Excellent consistency
  • Can be used as Monofilm or part of Laminate structure

PVdC coating enhance the moisture, gas and aroma barrier of the film where as acrylic coating facilitate printability, sealability and seal integrity of the film.

State of the art high performance coating facility from K-MEC enhance JPFL’s capability to produce entire range of coated BOPP and PET film as well as development of new coatings for different applications and tailoring the products as per customer’s requirements.



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