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Jindal Poly Films Limited is the largest manufacturer of BOPET and BOPP films in India. The Company's plant at Nasik, Maharashtra is the world's largest single location plant for the manufacture of BOPET and BOPP films. The Company strengthened its capabilities through acquisition of Rexor, France, a producer of metallised and coated films, tear tape, stamping foil, security thread and other high-value products. It is also the 8th largest BOPET Film manufacturers in the World.

The objective of Jindal Poly Films Investor relations is to ensure continuous and open communication with all financial market participants.


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Attendance Slip


Attendance Slip

Subsidiaries-Financial Statements FY 2016-17

Jindal Films India Ltd

Jindal Photo Imaging Ltd

Jindal Imaging Ltd


Global Nonwovens Ltd.

Jindal Photo Imaging Ltd

Jindal Films India Ltd


Jindal Imaging Ltd.

Global Nonwovens Ltd.

Jindal Films India Ltd


Global Nonwovens Ltd.
Quarterly Result
Q1 FY2018-19

Q4 FY2017-18

Q3 FY2017-18

Q2 FY2017-18
Q1 FY2017-18

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Q3 FY2016-17

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Shareholding Pattern
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Q1 FY2017-18 

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AGM Outcome
AGM Result -2017

AGM Result -2016

AGM Result-2015

Voting Pattern at AGM

AGM Result -2014
Expansion Plan

Change in Director

Appointment of Director

Resignation of Mr. Sunil Kumar Agarwal
Resignation of Mr. Amit Jain

Authorisation to decided materiality

Notice for Meeting
Board Meeting Notice, July 2018  

Board Meeting Notice, May 2018

Board Meeting Notice, Feb 2018

Board Meeting Notice, Oct 2017
Board Meeting Notice, Aug 2017

Board Meeting Notice, May 2017

Board Meeting Notice, Feb 2017

Board Meeting Notice, Nov 2016
BM Notice for Qtr June 16 Result.

Notice of Meeting

Outcome of Board Meeting Outcome of BM 10, Aug-2018 blinking new Outcome of BM 10, Aug-2018 blinking new Outcome of BM 15, May-2018  Outcome of BM 22, Dec-2017
Outcome of BM 06, Mar-17

Outcome of BM 25, May-17

Details of Unpaid Devidend
List of Shareholders Whose Shares To Be Transfer to IEPF

Details of Unclaimed Devidend
Demerger 2014-15
Auditor Certificate

Mumbai high court order

Allahabad high court order

Demerger Scheme Documents
Limited Review Report

Revised Post Issue Shareholding Patterns

BSE Observation

NSE Observation
Poll Result_Court Convened Meetings
Scrutinizer Report

Result of EOGM

Notice of EOGM
Shareholder Presentation on Merger of GNL with JPFL.

GNL Merger Concall transcript

Investor Conference Call

Earning Call Q1-FY17
Results Presentation Q1-FY17

JPFL Q1 FY17 Call Transcript

Results Presentation Q4-FY16

Earning Call Q4-FY16
JPFL-FY16 Earnings Call Transcript

Presentation Feb-16

JPFL Q3FY16 Earning call transcript

Presentation Jan-16
Expansion Letter

Earning Call Transcrip Nov-16
Court Convened Meeting
Court Convened Meeting

Court Convened and Postal Ballot Notice

High Court Petition- Unsec Creditors

High Court Petition- Sec Creditors
High Court Petition- Shareholders
Other Qtr Compliance Report
Investor Compliant Status

Compliance Certificate under 40(9).

Compliance Certificate Reg. 7(3)

News & Press Release
Acquisition of Apeldoorn Flexible Packaging Holding B.V.

Approval for Investment by Board of Directors

Jindal Poly Films entered SPAs with ExxonMobil, USA

Jindal Poly Films to acquire ExxonMobil's BOPP Global Films Business.
Information Regarding Power Trading
FORM IV, July 2018

FORM IV, June 2018

FORM IV, May 2018

FORM IV, April 2018
FORM IV, March 2018

FORM IV, Feb 2018

FORM IV, Jan 2018

FORM IV, December 2017
FORM IV, November 2017

FORM IV, October 2017

Petition by JPFL for Power Trading License in CERC

Interim order by CERC dated 29th August 2017
Final Order by CERC dated 20th September 2017

Trading License accorded by CERC dated 03rd October 2017
Scheme of Amalgamation between GNL and JPFL
Global Nonwovens Certified Copy of Order

Formal Court order

Auditors Certificate

Fairness Opinion Report
Scheme of Amalgation

Valuation Report_GNWL

Valuation Report_JPFL

BSE Observation Letter
NSE Observation Letter

Unsecured Creditors Notice

Secured Creditors Notice



Code of Conduct & Appointment of Independent Director.
Insider Trading Policy
Buy Back
Postal Ballots
Corporate Governance Code of Conduct(as per the requirement
of Clause 49 of the Listing Agreement)

1.Sunil Kumar Agarwal
2.Radha Krishan Pandey
Insider Trading Regulations

Code of Fair Practice and prodecure for fair disclosure
P.A. Dated 1st Nov, 2011

Corrigendum Dated 21st Nov, 2011
Scrutinizer Report Postal Ballot Result

7 Nov, 2017

Postal Ballot notice

4 Oct, 2017

Postal Ballot Form

4 Oct, 2017

CSR Policy

Related Party Transaction

Material Subsidiary Policy

Vegil Mechanism

Nomination Remuneartion Policy

Material Event Policy

Preservation of Documents Policy

CIN: L17111UP1974PLC003979

Registrar and Share Transfer Agents:

Karvy Computershare Pvt. Ltd.
(Unit: Jindal Poly Films ltd.) Plot No 17-24 Vittal Rao Nagar,
Madhapur, Hyderabad - 500081
Telephone:+91 040 44655158, Fax: +91 40 23420814

Company Secretary & Compliance Officer:

Mr. Sanjeev Kumar
Telephone:+91-11 26139256-265


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