Opp Films Product Table / DataSheet
Film Type Film Code Film Type Standard Thickness

One Side PVdC Other Side Acrylic Coated OPP Films

H2-AP J312PRAP Transparent 21/26/31/36/41/46/51
H2-PAP J312PRPAP Cavitated White 21/28/31/33/38/41/43/ 48/63/78

Both Side Acrylic Coated OPP Films

H2-AA J311PRAA Transparent 20/25/30/35/40/45/50

One Side PVdC Other Side Coextruded Ultra Low Seal Temperature

H1-ULP J313PRP Transparent 18/21/23/28/33/38/43

One Side Coated other Side Corona Treated

B0 C050321B0

One Side Coated Other Sise Corona Treated

B0 C060322B0
Perl White

One Side Metallised Other Side Coated

BM C050323BM


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