CPP - Current Range


Film TypesProduct CodeThickness (µ)Applications
Printing & Lamination JCTH1-PL 20/25/30/35/40/45 bread, backery products, snack food, diapers, texttile wrapping, board lamination
High seal strength & high speed JCTH1-HS 35/40 Lamination applications with polyester in food Packging
Twist application JCTH1-TW 25/28/33/35 Twist wrap, candy wrap, confectionery conversion
Retort packaging JCTH1-RT 50/60/70/75/110 Sterilization & Pasteurization, Hot filling, ready to eat
Antifog Film (Hot Fog) JCTH1-AF 40/50 Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Salad & Meat Packaging
Antifog Film (Cold Fog) JCTH1-AU 40/50 Fresh Vegetables, Fruits, Salad & Meat Packaging
Deep freeze application JCTH1-DF 25/30/35/40 Ice cream, Bread, Frozen foods & Bakery
Base film for metallization JCTH1-MZ 20/22/25/30/35/50 To be metallized on corona treated side
Bread Packaging JCTH1-BR 25/28/30/35 Bread Packaging

Solid White

Both sides heat sealable, treated JCWH1-OP 25/30/35/40/50 Surface printing. Packing of candies, toffee, cough lozenges, chewing gum, pillow pouch, bread. Packaging of powder. Cable wrapping


Heat sealable JCH1-MD 20/25/30 Packaging: as a first and inner wrap in food packaging, providing good moisture and light barrier
Heat sealable, high barrier JCH1-MDHB 25 Typically laminated on the metallised side with chips, snacks & bakery products packaging. Suitable for gas (N2) flush packaging

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